If it is rainy will the event still happen?
Yes! Light rain and we’ll be good Northwesterns and hunt eggs in the rain + serve hot chocolate to warm up.

What if it is downpouring?
If it is going to be epically downpouring to a level that the parents on our team are concerned we’ll move the eggs into our church building. (24,000 sqft)

Do we have to pay or bring eggs?
Nope. It is our gift to our community.

What’s in the eggs?
Yeah, we get it– too much candy is a thing. (We are parents too!) So eggs will have one of three possibilities: individually wrapped candy, or a ticket that can be exchanged for a little plant start for your garden, or a ticket that can be exchanged for some art supplies.

Is there a mini-sermon or anything?
Nope. It is just a fun kids event of finding Easter eggs. If you are looking for an Easter sermon we’d highly suggest coming back to church on Easter Sunday at 10:30am!

Is this event COVID safe?
We think so. Most of our helpers have already received COVID vaccinations and with 5 acres of outside space kids and families can spread out. If you are healthy and low-risk of COVID come! Some folks may be wearing masks, but we cannot promise everyone out there will. If you have any signs of sickness or are at high-risk of COVID please try again next year.

Do I have to register in advance?
Nope. You can however help us out by clicking the “Yes I am going” button on our Facebook event– to help get the word out and to help us eg-guestimate our egg needs.

I want to help, is there anything I can do?
We require all the adult helpers in the morning to be a part of our church and background checked. However, there may be things you can do to help set up or organize. Give the church office a call (360-456-4123) or send us an email, info@laceybiblechurch.org